As a Certified Professional Coach, my passion is helping
business owners and working professionals live on purpose!
My clients find success and fulfillment by getting clear on their
priorities and core values, discovering new passion for their
work, and breaking through obstacles holding them back
from their goals.
Live Your Purpose

Are you asking yourself questions like these?

How do I manage my career and home life so I’m not stressed out all the time?

How can I grow my business or career when I’m facing major obstacles?

How can I prioritize things so I can focus on what really matters to me?

How do I break through the cycle of negative thinking that keeps me stuck?

What is my purpose in work and/or life?

If these questions speak to you, let’s talk!

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Meet Carrie....

I’m Carrie Stafford, Certified Professional Coach. Speaker. Wife. Mom to Ella (7) and Connor (3). My passion is to encourage, motivate, and challenge others who feel stuck in business, life, or as they face big transitions. My company “From the Inside Out Coaching LLC” was launched in 2013 upon receiving my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). As a business owner and former sales professional, I understand the challenges of trying to grow a business while keeping yourself (and others!) physically and mentally healthy!

Through coaching people find effective and transformative ways to get unstuck and move forward. I love seeing the “a-ha” moments when clients discover answers through empowering coaching sessions. I am also passionate about speaking to groups on the topic of maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” during the most challenging times in life.


Coaching with Carrie

As a coach I intuitively listen to what’s going on in your life and draw out the answers that are hidden within you. Through the power of coaching, you are able to find new awareness, clarity, and confidence you never knew you had! Coaching gives you the time, space, and freedom to explore and make intentional choices for your life. As a coach I will challenge you to set measurable goals and hold you accountable to meeting those goals. Ultimately, coaching will empower and equip you to be the best version of yourself and live your life on purpose!




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